The Enterprise Storage World Is Evolving. Are You Evolving with it?

When a client comes to a media company with what they consider to be a “can’t miss” idea for a corporate video concept, chances are pretty darn good that this idea will be of the cringe-worthy variety. Said media company will nod and listen and then come up with several diplomatic reasons why said “can’t miss” idea can’t work.  Well, recently we encountered a situation where a client came to us with a “can’t miss” idea that was actually quite good.


The client was Skyera, makers of a solid- state flash storage solution for the mainstream enterprise, and they were seeking an innovative way to introduce their cutting-edge products at an upcoming series of trade shows.  Skyera’s theme is the dawn of a new era—smaller, affordable, more powerful data storage—and they wanted to bring that message home by doing a parody (homage, for you artistes out there) of the opening from “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Those who remember the iconic 1968 Stanley Kubrick film will undoubtedly be familiar with that opening scene where the early hominids in caves going absolutely “ape” over the obelisk that has appeared out of nowhere.  Well, Skyera knew they wanted to parody the obelisk, substituting it with their sleek new solid-state flash storage product, skyEagle. But that’s all they had. We fleshed out the rest of the scenario by replacing the early hominids in the caves with five IT professionals in khaki pants and button-down shirts. They didn’t speak, only aped the actions of the early hominids from the original – from acting amazed by the sight of skyEagle, which had magically manifested itself in the middle of their living quarters, to actually going up to it and touching it, getting more and more animated.


Here is a link to the video, which we wrote the script for, cast, and shot on location in Mt. Diablo State Park.  While this video was a clever way to introduce Skyera’s theme, it was a very broad stroke regarding what the San Jose, California firm does. We recommended doing a second video that would work in conjunction with the “2001” intro and as a stand-alone piece as well. This video would contain the specifics of what Skyera was offering and how it compared to the competition.


Here is a link to what we call the “explainer” video. It utilizes a high-powered graphical approach with words popping on and off the screen along with a fast-paced, techno-pop soundtrack. We managed to cover all pertinent facts about the company in less than two minutes.  With a spot-on parody of “2001” and an information-rich “explainer” piece accompanying it, we helped Skyera achieve their communication objectives in an exceptionally creative way that not only informs but engages. We are pleased to report that Skyera was extremely happy with the final product. You might even say that they went “ape” over it. [/vc_column][/vc_row]